Top Technical Skills That Get People Hired, According to HackerRank – Business Insider

  • With a labor shortage straining the tech industry, software skills have skyrocketed in demand.
  • The tech hiring site HackerRank told Insider the skills that tech companies test candidates for.
  • The ranking is based on HackerRank’s tech-testing data from the 2,600 companies on its website.

With a labor shortage straining the tech industry, companies are desperate for qualified engineers.

But Big Tech hasn’t let up on its infamously intensive interview process. And a few skills are especially in demand as companies screen job candidates. 

By brushing up on the skills companies test for, candidates can get the leg up they need to stand out in the tech hiring process. HackerRank, a website that companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Stripe use to search for would-be recruits and conduct interviews, told Insider the top five software skills that tech companies are testing for right now.  

The most in-demand skills include popular programming languages but also other software-oriented competencies, like a financial-services software program. HackerRank compiled the data from year-to-date tests, measured through its customer base of 2,600 companies and 16 million developers. 

Overall, the list signals that companies are interested in data-management skills, especially within the past year. Companies are increasingly screening for the skills and software needed to manage data visualization, modeling, and cleaning complex data, according to Vivek Ravisankar, CEO of HackerRank. 

“Especially as more companies are trying to become more tech forward, data science and machine learning have come up quite a bit,” Ravisankar told Insider.

Here are the top five skills companies screen for, according to the tech hiring website HackerRank:

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