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While some skincare experts say eye cream isn’t a necessary product category, Kiehl’s says that all facial moisturizers aren’t formulated the same. And—the skin on various parts of our faces is not all the same, either.  

Kieh’s states, “It may be tempting to use a swipe of everyday moisturizer to treat the skin around the eyes, but moisturizer alone may not be enough as an anti-aging treatment.” 

Hydration will not deliver specialized eye skincare treatment to target visible signs of aging, the brand says—and Kiehl’s new Anti-Aging Eye Cream will do this. 

“The eye area requires specific ingredients and delivery systems specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eye.” the brand explains. 

So what are the four key “eye zones”?

According to Kiehl’s, the eye region has four key zones—the brow bone, eyelid, outer corner, and undereye. Each show different visible signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles, dryness, puffiness, and dark circles.

Other eye creams are typically formulated to address just one of these zones, while Kiehl’s new cream targets all, to deliver multiple anti-aging benefits. 

The Formula

The product contains a trio of key ingredients, including the brand’s patented anti-aging molecule, ProxylaneGX.

“It helps to improve the feel of skin’s elasticity and visibly firms skin for a tighter, lifted appearance,” the brand says. It also includes Bilberry Seed Extract and peptides.

The Clinical Study

Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Anti Aging Eye Cream claims to combine cutting-edge science and “multi-action technology” to visibly smooth, firm, de-puff, and brighten the eye area.

In a clinical study, participants showed improvement in one or more of the age signs listed below:

  • 100% of participants showed a visible anti-aging result
  • 90% of participants agree the eyebrow area looks lifted
  • 94% of participants agree the upper eyelid looks smoothed
  • 89% of participants agree the outer corner crow’s feet area looks more firm
  • 80% of participants agree the under-eye puffiness looks reduced

Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Anti Aging Eye Cream launched on March 14th at Kiehl’s stores and the brand’s website.

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