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It’s time to give your blow dryer a break this summer. 

ICYMI, Queer Eye‘s resident grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness recently launched a cool new haircare line aptly named JVN Hair, and the Air Dry Cream has racked up plenty of positive reviews in no time. 

Since this season is all about taking it easy, we were immediately intrigued by a product that gave us permission to put down our heat styling tools and let our natural hair do its thing. TL;DR — If you’ve been looking for a genius styling hack to simplify your routine and save you money in the long run (ah-hem, aren’t we all?) — you need this.

The secret is in its ingredients. Van Ness packed this ultra-hydrating, soft styling cream with a blend of hemisqualane (to protect color and improve hair health and strength in each strand), chia seed and linseed extract (to deliver a touchable hold), and moringa seed oil (for that much-needed humidity protection and added shine boost). What you get is your hair, but better — minus the damage and hassle of heat styling.

The product also smells amazing (think: notes of sparkling grapefruit, sweet honey, and a few fancy florals) and works wonders on all textures, so no one is left behind. Case in point: I have naturally straight, fine hair, and when I added a dollop of the Air Dry Cream to my freshly-showered mane, I immediately noticed a subtle boost of volume and overall manageability. As the day went on, I couldn’t stop touching my soft, volumized hair, and was so impressed that I scanned the reviews to see what others had to say.

“I have seen such a difference in my hair using this. So much less frizz and the waves are so much more defined!” one reviewer shared. “The Air Dry Cream distributes very easily throughout my hair, [and] does a good job defining and smoothing curls. [It provides a] good hold while feeling very light. Bonus — [it] smells great,” another reviewer said. 

And finally, a third reviewer cut right to the chase: “Love this product. Saves me time and money.” Amen to that. 

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