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NOT only could a cold splash to the face wake you up in the morning, but it can help cure your puffiness too.

Ice rollers have been a morning skincare necessity for many – but one beauty expert proves she found an even better tool.

The alternative to ice rollers could be in your fridge right now


The alternative to ice rollers could be in your fridge right nowCredit: Tik Tok / Erica Yettaw

Ice rollers combine the benefits of a massage with the benefits of cooling agents.

Although these rollers can be helpful, some argue that they haven’t seen much of a difference in their skin.

TikTok influencer Erica Yettaw is convinced she’s using a more effective tool that’s cheaper too.

In her recent video, Erica demonstrates rolling her face with a frozen cucumber for 30 seconds.

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After doing this every day for a couple of weeks, she can already notice the results.

A typical ice roller is $10, while cucumbers are at most $2.

According to Riverchase Dermatology, any face roller is valuable to your skincare routine because it acts as a lymphatic massage.

These types of massages will decrease puffiness, and muscle tension, as well as get rid of excess fluids or toxins.

Keeping this tool cold only has other advantages for your skin.

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Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City, says: “The cooling action constricts blood vessels, which leaves skin looking tighter and temporary decreasing redness, making for an overall fresher and brighter appearance.”

While an ice roller may be helpful in these two areas of skincare, it does nothing to reduce breakouts or clear the skin.

However, Erica’s cucumber cure does.

The caption on her video reads: “Rubbing a frozen cucumber on my face for 30 seconds every day has made the biggest difference in my skin. Eczema is gone. Rosacea is gone. Barely break out. Skin is the most even-toned it’s ever been. I LOVE my bare face now.”

“Cucumber, especially frozen cucumber, also helps to tighten and minimize pores and shrink their appearance noticeably,” according to Femina.

Additionally, cucumbers improve skin texture.

The vitamin K in them advances cell growth and elasticity, which ultimately minimizes wrinkles and other defined lines, as reported by Women&Home.

Erica applies the frozen cucumber to her face after washing it but before adding products.

Then, she places the cucumber back in the freezer.

Erica’s viewers were just as shocked as she was that rubbing this food on your face could be a good thing.

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Their eagerness to try the cucumber cure was apparent in their comments.

One person commented: “I have been struggling with skin issues lately. I’m going to definitely try this. Thank you.”

Erica's face has fully cleared up just a little after she started using a frozen cucumber on it in the morning


Erica’s face has fully cleared up just a little after she started using a frozen cucumber on it in the morningCredit: Tik Tok / Erica Yettaw
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