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These AI tools for education are capable of generating interest in the learners

With advancing technology, there has been a drastic growth of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. More increasingly AI has become a driving force that is transforming the virtual world day by day. This has become thousands of start-ups coming up every single day based on AI or its AI tools ranging from Siri to auto-journalism. Everything is being operated with the help of AI and ML. And with AI entering all sectors it has also started to transform the educational sector which is traditional in nature. AI tools for education that are intelligent, adaptive, encouraging personalized learning systems are being deployed in all the educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities across the globe for analyzing huge amounts of data collected from the students that can significantly impact the lives of students and educators.

Let’s quickly jump into the article to know the top AI tools for education that can make a fun learning experience.

Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is a professional learning and software platform that is enhancing growth through learner-centered education. This AI platform is unique as it drives the students towards self-learning. It allows educators to cater to every learner’s needs with care throughout the learning cycle, from the initial planning to understanding the student’s progress. Through this platform, the educators can assign work individually, in small groups, and in large groups. This can benefit the student to get into their self-learning path along with the support and guidance from the teacher or mentor.


Gradescope is the platform that helps in giving feedback and assessing the students. Since this is a tedious job, with the help of these AI tools for education platforms it can be made simple. The AI tool combines the expertise with the latest ML and AI to help the grader grade hassle-free. This in turn can save a lot of time and effort by outsourcing the review and grading of assignments and focus more on the teaching process. Gradescope enables the instructor to grade paper-based exams, programming projects, and online homework in one place. This also ensures unbiased grading and presents meaningful statistics to help identify class trends and student needs.

Hugh Library Assistant

Hugh library is a voice-controlled one of the AI tools for education robots that helps library users in finding the books in the library within a minute. These robots can move through the library and are capable of taking the users to the location of the book.

Ivy is an AI self-service chatbot to help colleges and universities. These AI tools for education can provide answers about the application forms, program details, tuition costs, deadlines, and procedures of enrollment. It can also collect data to plan recruitment campaigns. It can also answer questions about scholarships, grants, work-study, loans, SAP guidelines, refunds, and tuition payments. can create a chatbot for any department to get the students’ questions answered.

Knewton’s Alta

It is one of the AI tools for education that is fully integrated, adaptive learning courseware for higher education that can help students achieve a personalized learning experience that is affordable too. The platform is designed to optimize the way students learn while completing assignments. This can be a great help to the students in improving their outcomes.


Knowji is a research-based audio-visual vocabulary app used by language learners. It combines scientifically proven methodologies with entering and fun concepts to help the learners to learn faster. It also tracks the learner’s progress for each word and also uses a spaced repetition algorithm that can anticipate when a user is about to forget a word. This can help the learner to remember things in the long term.


Mika is one of the personalized AI tools for education which is a virtual tutor that adapts according to the needs of the students and provides quick feedback to help them learn. This is an app that has saved educational institutions millions of dollars on remedial classes.

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