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List of top 8 AI tools that are useful for graphic designers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning together have largely contributed to our lives making it easier to some extent. They play an important role in changing the way we perform, our lifestyles, business operations, etc. several AI tools and ML have been adopted by several businesses, across industries, for a few years now.

The use of AI in graphic designing generates a whole new world of possibilities to work on the images. With rapid growth and advancement in technologies, people do see AI as a threat as they believe that AI will replace manpower. In the case of graphic designing, it is not like AI is replacing or will replace the designers; rather AI is more like a design partner and there are AI tools that make the complex task easier for the designer.

This article presents some of the best AI tools for graphic designers.


UIzard is an efficient AI-based tool that is helpful for UI designers. This tool, designed by an international team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, can transfigure a hand-drawn wireframe into a smooth digital design and front-end code; automatically.

What is needed is just a smartphone with a camera to click a photo of the sketch drawn on paper. UIzard will modify it in a few seconds into a highly precise prototype.

Once transformed into digital, the designer can personalize its style guides, export the design to sketch and finally achieve the front-end code.

To transform the sketch into digital design and code, Ulzard uses AI and ML models, computer vision technology, and deep learning networks.


Graphic design is largely about the transparency of the visuals used in the design. If the design is not explicit enough, it will not solve the purpose for which it has been created.

Let’sEnhance is an AI-powered tool created by a Ukrainian start-up that enables the designer in refining the images and enlarging them without making them distorted.

The tool uses machine learning to improve images of low quality.

The tool has mainly three filters:

  • Anti-JPEG filter, which detaches JPEG artifacts and transforms the image to the PNG format.
  • Boring filter, which can upscale the image 4x while maintaining all the details.
  • Magic filter, which enables the designers to add crucial details to their images.


Fronty is another AI-based design tool that enables and helps front-end designers and developers in making their tasks easy by remodeling an image into HTML/CSS code. Designers can develop website pages simply by uploading an image of the design. Once the design is loaded, Fronty will automatically produce the front-end code (HTML / CSS) in minutes. Additionally, through the UI editor present in Fronty, designers can easily alter the content and design of their website online. Fronty can replace clean code with semantically correct HTML and source code based on powerful SCSS.


This AI tool is a blessing for those designers who are followers of honoured image artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. Deepart is a website that enables designers to build unique artistic images by using an algorithm to redraw one image using the stylistic components of another image. Using a machine learning model, Deepart modifies the images into masterpieces. The AI is used to mark the method of making pictures look real and keep to the style chosen. That’s why this execution is also perfect for anyone who wants to design the website as if it was painted by Van Gogh.


Color is the most important aspect for graphic designers and it holds a lot of momentousness in the success of their designs. Khroma is an AI color tool, for designers, which assists in detecting and saving the color palettes that are commonly used by them. The tool uses AI to recognize the set of colors that a designer loves or commonly uses and build a palette automatically for future designs. This tool helps the designers to divide and save color palettes for different clients when using their brand colors.


The tool is for popular design programs, eCommerce sites, and computing environments. To bring more digital efficiency to the workflow designers tend to use this tool. The tool helps in removing the background of any picture. There are roughly 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds by hand.


Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art.


VisualEyes simulates eye-tracking studies and preference tests with 93% accurate predictive technology. VisualEyes is a derived tool of Loceye.

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