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Top 5 Coolest Business Analytics Tools to Know About in 2021

Business Analytics Tools

Business analytics the foremost for today’s businesses

Most of today’s businesses and organizations rely on data and so data analysis is becoming vital to surviving in this competitive world. But the major challenge lies in finding the perfect business analytics tools that can help give a wide range of information. So here we are to list down the top 5 coolest business analytics tools to know about in 2021. 

1 Cardagraph Platform 

Cardagraph software connects to systems like Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Workfront, Google, and some more. Later it applies algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to the collected data to equip managers with insights that can be helpful for the betterment of the organization. 

2 Knowi Elevate 

Knowi Elevate was launched by Knowi, an analytics platform developer. The idea behind launching this is that sales personnel can access and analyze data. The platform allows users to ask natural language-based questions and can generate automated reports within Slack. It also provides metrics to track. 

3 Kyligence Cloud 

This is a high-performance, AI-enhanced analytics platform which can deliver sub-second response times against petabytes of data. The platform offers cloud-native architecture and separate scaling of 

4 Ocient 

Ocient is a data analytics software designed to store, analyze, and ingest massive amounts of data. It is based on Ocient DAS technology, including analytics software written for specific use cases. 

5 Sisense Fusion 

Sisense is an AI-driven system for building personalized data analysis functionality directly into customer-and employee-facing applications to deliver analytical experiences to the users.

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