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August 2, 2021

For free data science learning, check out the top 10 YouTube channels.

Data has become an important part of everyone’s life. Without the data, we have nothing. Data mining for insights shows the demand for making data available for business strategy. Therefore, the field of data science is growing with increasing demand. Data science It is not limited to consumer goods, technology and healthcare. From banking and transportation to manufacturing, there is a strong need to use data science to optimize business processes. Due to growing demand, people are looking for free online video-based data science classes, but nothing beats YouTube.

The advent of the Internet and modern technology has closed the gap between humans and learning sources. You can now take advantage of any learning course in any domain, from blogs to vlog. We all know that audiovisual has more impact on our minds. It helps to retain knowledge better. People today tend to give video lectures to gain knowledge. For this reason, YouTube has become the most important medium of knowledge for everyone. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic, where everything went from offline to online (virtual reality), The demand for free learning sources for AV self-paced is becoming more important. There is no doubt that YouTube is at the forefront of free audiovisual learning for all domains.

This article describes the top 10 YouTube channels in data science.


This channel was created by Grant Sanderson on March 4, 2015. Currently, the number of subscribers is 3.83 million and the number of views is 165,573,366. This channel is mainly focused on teaching math. Apart from this, we will cover a number of topics related to data science such as neural networks, Fourier transforms, and calculus. The video produced by Grant contains an amazing visualization designed with the help of a Python animation engine called nanim.

YouTube link:

Quincy Larson created the channel in December 2014. Currently, the number of subscribers is 3.93 million and the number of views is 127,751,078. freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that aims to empower people in coding. It’s basically a course-based channel, run by a group of highly knowledgeable people with a strong programming background. This channel offers videos on a wide range of topics, including data structures. JavaScript, Python, Data science, Machine learning, Node.js.

YouTube link:


This channel was created in 2012 by Harrison Kinsley. Currently, it has 1.06 million subscribers and 87,960,317 views. Sentdex offers a variety of programming topics and technologies, including machine learning. Natural language processing, Data analysis and visualization, and some robotics projects using the Raspberry Pi project. This channel is one of the best data science channels on YouTube with a clear and easy understanding of different topics.

YouTube link:

Corey Schafer

Created by Corey Schafer, this channel provides knowledge about a variety of programming tools, including basic programming concepts that are important to researchers and modern programmers. The channel started on June 1, 2006 and currently has 806K subscribers and 47,336,678 views. This channel revolves around a wide range of topics, including programming basics, Linux tutorials, SQL tutorials, and Django. Especially for data science, the channel provides video playlists on Pandas, Matplotlib, and a set of topics. A video to get you started with Python.

YouTube link:

Technology with Tim

Tim Ruscica created the channel on April 23, 2014. Currently, the number of subscribers is 700,000 and the number of views is 32,827,834. This channel focuses on game development using PyGame, tutorials on machine learning, and Python programming using JavaScript in combination with several frameworks.

YouTube link:

Python programmer

Giles McMullen created a YouTube channel on August 16, 2008. The number of subscribers is 281,000 and the number of views is 7,440,604. This channel has numerous tutorials on a variety of topics, from more basic topics for beginners such as the basics of Python programming to more advanced topics such as data science and machine learning.

Giles’ channels for data science and machine learning have few free courses that offer powerful ideas on the basic concepts of these subjects.

YouTube link:

Josh Starmer and StatQuest

Josh Starmer created the channel on May 24, 2011. The number of subscribers is 530,000 and the number of views is 17,551,985. This channel provides several video playlists that explain a number of basic concepts such as logistic regression, linear regression, and linear models.

YouTube link:

Krish Nike

Created by Krish Nair in 2012, the channel has 410,000 subscribers and 14,703,650 views.This channel covers data science, machine learning, and Deep learning.. This channel provides a playlist section primarily for beginners in the field of data science. The entire playlist is centered around the programming language Python. It offers a large number of playlists that focus on several aspects and themes, such as interview question management, augmented reality, deep learning, statistics, and natural language processing.

YouTube link:

Brandon Fortz

This channel was created by Brandon Foltz on August 11, 2011. The number of subscribers is 245,000 and the number of views is 19,404,551. This channel offers videos covering full-length lessons on a variety of topics from multiple subjects such as statistics, operations management, basic accounting, and business sciences. Get a complete understanding of many concepts related to data science mathematics and statistics, such as linear regression, non-linear regression, logistic regression, probabilities, and model building.

YouTube link: Foltz

Data school

In 2014, this channel was created by Kevin Markham. There are subscribers occupying 178K and 7,664,313 views. This channel guides beginners traveling through the world of data science and related concepts. Apart from data science, this channel revolves around several subjects such as machine learning, data analysis, and the popular Python library.

YouTube link:

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