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March 6, 2022


Can you think of one sector that doesn’t rely on artificial intelligence or robotics? Well, it is impossible to find any. This is for the sole reason that every sector that one can think of, relies on AI or robotics in one form or the other. On similar lines, one sector that has made the best possible use of AI and robotics is the energy sector. Here, we will talk about the top 10 applications of AI and robotics in the energy sector. Have a look!

Energy fraud detection

Not many are aware of this but theft and fraud in the energy domain result in the loss of billions of dollars. AI can help deal with this by automatically detecting anomalies and flagging them for the energy companies to resolve.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics in the energy sector plays a significant role as one can predict how energy demand will change in the future. This information can later be used to plan in the future and build the necessary infrastructure to meet future energy needs.

Identifying defects

The energy industry is one that demands careful and efficient management of resources. This is because faulty equipment or defects in pipes/wiring/machines or fault-susceptible process lines pose a considerable threat. Considering how difficult it is for humans to foresee industrial accidents, AI comes to the rescue. With the help of analytics, AI helps to validate production quality and provide deep insights into defects.

Customer engagement

Using AI and robotics, it is possible for energy companies to provide customers with information that is specific to their needs. The companies are in a position to understand customer energy usage followed by making the customers aware of how they can reduce their energy consumption.

Grid security

AI and robotics stand the potential to identify patterns in energy data that may be indicative of a cyberattack. As soon as a cyberattack is identified, AI and robotics respond to the same.

Tracking emissions

Considering the efforts taken by the energy companies to decarbonize their operations and value chains, Artificial intelligence can serve to be a blessing here. With the help of AI software, one can keep track of the volumes of fugitive emissions of greenhouse gases that escape from pipelines and energy equipment.

Infrastructure management

AI and robotics have made it a lot easier to aggregate, compare, evaluate, and identify risks and opportunities across utility infrastructure to grow power production enterprises. This, ultimately, throws light on how efficient infrastructure management has become as a result of AI and robotics.

Trading energy

What is worth a mention is a very fact that AI and machine learning can be used to make energy trading more efficient. This is done just by predicting energy demand and providing traders with real-time information about energy prices. With this gathered/collected information, energy traders can then make more informed decisions about when to buy and sell energy. How convenient is that?

Inventory management

Needless to say, improper management of inventory leads to huge losses. Here, artificial intelligence can help in ramping up the efficiencies when it comes to network planning and predictive demand thereby allowing merchandizers to become more proactive.

Increase in the production

With AI in place, companies are now in a position to analyse the data collected in a better way to be able to make improved decisions. This technology is also being used to increase production across the globe.

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