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Who doesn’t love foods that can help your body stay young, according to what science suggests? One popular youth-preserving supplement that you may have questioned because of where it’s sourced from is evolving in a very big way.

If you like the idea of adding a collagen supplement to your diet but previously felt uneasy about the fact that it’s typically sourced from animals—perhaps you avoided it altogether for this reason—then brace yourself for this news. A company called Geltor is said to have developed “the first vegan collagen for food and beverages,” according to Food Dive.

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Over the past few years, Geltor has invested $116 million into developing PrimaColl. According to Food Dive, PrimaColl is produced by applying “microbial fermentation to plant-based ingredients. This creates animal-free proteins that are the equivalent of those derived from animals.”

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young woman looking in mirror touching faceyoung woman looking in mirror touching face

The brand previously created vegan collagens that can be used in cosmetics. Now, they’ve developed a vegan option for the food and beverage space. (Speaking of the word “vegan,” don’t miss 11 Misconceptions About Plant-Based Eating You Shouldn’t Believe.)

Doctor holding a syringeDoctor holding a syringe

The brand has “biodesigned” PrimaColl as a match to Type 21 collagen, which Geltor touts for its “multiplier effect.” This effect “encourages the development of other collagen types,” according to Food Dive.

Happy doctor making a heart shape and smilingHappy doctor making a heart shape and smiling

Part of why this product is such a major breakthrough? Until now, collagen diet supplements have been sourced from animals, namely pigs. For some people, using a product sourced from a pig for the purpose of promoting beauty doesn’t feel right for ethical or religious reasons.

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