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If you’re a skincare buff, your medicine cabinet is likely stuffed with under-eye patches, products for dry skin and everything from toners to vitamin C serums.

But alas, there’s a new trend TikTokers are talking about: Meet the Botox alternative, anti-wrinkle patches and tape to help fade fine lines.

While not claiming to find the golden cure for all imperfections, these overnight masks come in all different shapes, sizes and price points to give you a glimmer of self-care and a dash of healthier-looking skin.

According to TikTok user @rankandstyle, “if you love Botox but want something a little more affordable and less invasive, you have to try these out.”

Despite how much hyaluronic acid and retinol you may already be applying, an effective overnight treatment is a cherry on top of your skincare sundae.

These types of masks can help smooth the lines on your forehead, as well as those surrounding your eyes (aka, crow’s feet) and mouth (aka, smile lines). Plus, they can be as affordable as $5 — like this pair from BioRepublic — or more splurge-worthy at $440, as seen with Natura Bissé’s Inhibit High-Definition Patches from Saks Fifth Avenue.

However, TikToker @rankandstyle swears by SiO’s Beauty FaceLift Smoothing Silicone Patches, a middle-of-the-road skincare refresh that’s on sale at Amazon for $45, which she claims eradicates all signs of anti-aging.

SiO Beauty FaceLift Smoothing Silicone Patches, Botox alternative

If you’re on the hunt for a great wash-off mask to sport on the off-days of wearing these, we swear by Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask (another TikTok trendy product) and any from Loops Beauty.

Oh, and we can’t forego The Skinny Confidential’s Hot Mess Ice Roller — an everyday morning staple.

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