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August 3, 2021

Artificial Intelligence

What makes artificial intelligence so different from machine learning?

Most common people tend to use the terms like artificial intelligence and machine learning as synonymous and they do not know the difference. However, these two terms are actually two different concepts even though machine learning is actually a part of artificial intelligence. It can be said that artificial intelligence is a vast area of topics where machine learning consists of a small part. Here are the major differences between them.

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that makes a computer system that can mimic human intelligence. It is comprised of two words “Artificial” and “intelligence”, which means “a human-made thinking power.” The Artificial intelligence system does not require to be pre-programmed, instead of that, they use such algorithms which can work with their own intelligence. It involves machine learning algorithms such as reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks. On the other hand, Machine learning enables a computer system to make predictions or take some decisions using historical data without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning uses a massive amount of structured and semi-structured data so that a machine learning model can generate accurate results or give predictions based on that data. Machine learning works on an algorithm that learns on its own using historical data. It works only for specific domains such as if we are creating a machine learning model to detect pictures of dogs, it will only give results for dog images, but if we provide new data like cat image then it will become unresponsive. Machine learning is being used in various places such as for online recommender systems, Google search algorithms, Email spam filters, Facebook Auto friend tagging suggestions, etc.

Artificial intelligence is a poorly defined term, which contributes to the confusion between it and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is essentially a system that seems smart. That’s not a very good definition, though, because it’s like saying that something is ‘healthy’. These behaviors include problem-solving, learning, and planning, for example, which are achieved through analyzing data and identifying patterns within it in order to replicate those behaviors. Machine learning, on the other hand, is a type of artificial intelligence, where artificial intelligence is the overall appearance of being smart, machine learning is where machines are taking in data and learning things about the world that would be difficult for humans to do. ML can go beyond human intelligence. ML is primarily used to process large quantities of data very quickly using algorithms that change over time and get better at what they’re intended to do. A manufacturing plant might collect data from machines and sensors on its network in quantities far beyond what any human is capable of processing. ML is then used to spot patterns and identify anomalies, which may indicate a problem that humans can then address. Machine learning is a technique that allows machines to get information that humans can’t. We don’t really know how our vision or language systems work—it’s difficult to articulate in an easy way. For this reason, we’re relying on data and feeding it to computers so they can simulate what they think we’re doing. That’s what machine learning does.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables a machine to simulate human behavior. Machine learning is a subset of AI which allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly. The goal of AI is to make a smart computer system like humans to solve complex problems. The goal of ML is to allow machines to learn from data so that they can give accurate output. In AI, we make intelligent systems to perform any task like a human. In ML, we teach machines with data to perform a particular task and give an accurate result. Machine learning and deep learning are the two main subsets of AI. Deep learning is the main subset of machine learning. AI has a very wide range of scope. Machine learning has a limited scope. AI is working to create an intelligent system that can perform various complex tasks. Machine learning is working to create machines that can perform only those specific tasks for which they are trained. AI system is concerned about maximizing the chances of success. Machine learning is mainly concerned with accuracy and patterns. The main applications of AI are Siri, customer support using catboats, expert systems, online game playing, intelligent humanoid robots, etc. The main applications of machine learning are the online recommender system, Google search algorithms, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestions, etc.

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