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When I first heard about SpoiledChild, the new brand from Oddity, I wasn’t sure what to make of this beauty brand because I didn’t feel like I fit their target market. A lot of what I saw made me believe that it’s the “cool kid” brand — not too flashy, but with enough New York street flair to make it stand out. Nothing about that persona resonated with me, but once I realized it’s a brand formulated for all ages, I was curious to find out how everything would work on my skin and hair.

As companies vie for skin care dollars, SpoiledChild has entered the arena as the latest brand to combine AI with skin care. Another company that uses AI technology is Proven Skincare, which uses ingredients tailored made for your skin.  SpoiledChild different from other brands is the design of its skin care capsules. Of the skin care brands I’ve tried, this is the first one that leans into a futuristic vibe and makes it clear that sustainability is at the core of its products.


  • Futuristic capsule design
  • Try before you buy option
  • Hydrates dry and sensitive skin well

Don’t Like

  • Products are pricier than expected

Each capsule is brightly colored and sits in see-through plastic pump bottles. And since I’m concerned about recycling and reducing waste, it’s nice to know that you can send the dispensers, or capsules, back to SpoiledChild to be refilled. 

Before you get to the products, you run through the simple beauty questionnaire powered by SpoiledBrain, an adaptive machine learning bot, to pinpoint recommendations. This process isn’t too different from other brands, but I appreciated the questions about what kind of supplements I use, where I buy my products and additional questions about my hair. Not all brands consider those factors.

Once I was done with the questionnaire, I got a list of products that I could buy individually or subscribe to if I wanted to save money. My results for my hair included the M33 Ultra stimulating hair and scalp serum for $68. There was also a list of additional products I could add if I liked. The one thing that stood out from other brands was the “try before you buy” feature. If you spend $5 for shipping and handling, you get 14 days to try one or more products from your quiz results.


SpoiledChild’s anti-aging retin night rewind serum.

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For this review, I received seven products: Anti-aging retin night rewind serum, anti-aging glycolic renewing serum, anti-aging triple-peptide moisturizer, anti-aging restoring moisturizer, anti-aging collagen burst serum, biotin boost hair + scalp serum and the rapid recovery hair mask. I enjoyed all of the products, but I focused on my favorites below.

Anti-aging retin night rewind serum

My favorite of the bunch is the retin night serum — I’m a sucker for night creams because of my dry skin. This serum has a cool light green color and absorbs pretty quickly. It doesn’t sit on my face like some other products do. It’s a nice serum for anyone in need of hydration and skin rejuvenation. Ingredients include retinol, which can reduce wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid to give your skin some moisture.

Anti-aging collagen burst serum

My second favorite item I tested was the collagen serum. It includes peptides, hyaluronic acid and lily cell extract. I’d say this had the thinnest consistency of all of the products in the group. It felt like water, dried well and didn’t leave a tacky feeling on my skin. But here’s the thing about this serum: Even though it’s thin, it keeps my skin moisturized the way I’d expect from a thicker product. Typically when I apply thin creams, my face feels dry in minutes. I didn’t have that problem with this one at all. And with peptides that promote collagen elasticity and lily extract that brightens your tone, this is a nice product to use regularly. 

Robin Mosley/CNET

Anti-aging triple-peptide moisturizer

The peptide moisturizer is a white cream and comes in a hot pink capsule. The thickness reminded me of lotion, which is great for drier skin. Formulated with ingredients like peptides to stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, hyaluronic acid and fatty acids — this moisturizer was great day or night. Of all the products in the batch, this is the one I reached for when I needed to put something on my skin in a flash.

Rapid recovery hair mask

I can only speak for my type 4C hair, but ingredients like shea butter and oils work well to moisturize and define it. I’m no stranger to using hair masks like this one, which uses shea butter for hydration and macadamia oil for frizz control. While the hair mask’s color isn’t particularly appealing, it smells great, provides good coverage and washes away easily. It’s probably best to pair this with more of SpoiledChild’s hair care products, but it can stand on its own.

Bottom line

Considering how sensitive and dry my skin is every day, I expected the thinner serum and the hair mask to underperform but both were successful. The thicker serums worked as expected; and none of SpoiledChild’s products made my skin break out, which is a plus. What’s important to remember is that while SpoiledChild works for my skin, I didn’t get immediate results and you likely won’t either. It’s with consistency that you’ll see a difference. If you have the money, I suggest you give SpoiledChild a try, especially if you want a sustainable product tailored to your skin concerns. But if you’re fine with the skin care routine you have right now, you can live without it. 

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