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Machine Programming can be a good idea to invest in now

With the new trends in technology coming up every day, machine learning and other methods are used to automate parts of the software development process. GitHub has launched a tool called Co-pilot to power pair programming with AI that can suggest a code while a programmer is developing. Similarly, Amazon has designed CodeGuru, Facebook has Aroma that can provide recommendations. Intel Labs also built a tool to identify errors in the code. This automated coding is known as “machine programming”. The unique feature of it is to code semantic similarity that can independently determine whether two code snippets can achieve similar goals or not. The advancement of this was only possible to compute, access to big code data such as IBM/MIT’s new project code Net, which has nearly 14 million code samples and machine learning algorithms.

With the code semantic similarity, industries and companies can develop automated systems to help CIOs ensure the developing teams maintain a balanced level of productivity even though in terms of increased software and hardware complexity. Earlier converting one program to another was out of hand. But with code semantic similarity can also be utilized in tools that can translate between the programming languages. But with recent advancements in transpilation, it could be critical for large and global companies that use traditional coding programs in more specialized legacy languages.

A machine programming system can translate an entire organization’s code in just a span of days. Code semantics similarity systems such as MISIM would not only help an organization to upload the entire code but also open up the talent pool. Shifting from traditional to modern programming languages are less familiar to present-day developers. CIO’s might also see a reduction in coding mistakes with new language trends to easily handle much of the complexity internally. The code semantics similarity systems can also suggest code. GitHub’s Co-Pilot is designed in a way to learn what the intent of a piece of software is and then can suggest a better version to help the developers.

This can help in raising the software quality and productivity of both the new and expert developers with various alternative solutions. It can also help CIOs and IT departments to meet the requirements of the software demands, cutting down the manual costs. Code semantics similarity systems can also work in sequence with developers in detecting errors in the code.

Since software development is evolving at a rapid pace. Development teams are also in high demand. Machine programming can be a good idea for CIOs and software development. So testing out new machine programming tools and implementing them in organizations can be beneficial right now.

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