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Flexible IT is the path to greater business agility, easy-to-consume cloud consumption models, improved application performance, greater business continuity and reduced IT complexity. As a future-proofed model for IT modernization, Flexible IT brings tangible benefits to organizations today, including:

  • 16% reduction in infrastructure costs.
  • 21% gain in revenue from new offerings.
  • 53% improvement in the speed of migrating workloads.
  • 44% fewer public cloud incidents.
  • Three-week acceleration in app development cycles.
  • 8 times more likely to exceed customer satisfaction goals and view IT as a competitive differentiator.

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If Flexible IT is the path to achieving these business benefits, then what is the best path to Flexible IT? 

In today’s environment, the partnership team of Dell Technologies and VMware has laid out a comprehensive and strategic vision for Flexible IT. This includes opportunities for cloud operational models, full-stack integration of infrastructure, digital workplace transformation, subscription consumption options and the ability to drive business innovation through data, insight and intelligence.

In this article, we look at four leading organizations that are leveraging the combined power of Dell Technologies and VMware to create real-world transformative business differentiation for their customers, employees and partners. 

Trintech: IT modernization with Dell Technologies, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a vital factor in enabling Trintech to triple annual revenue. A global provider of specialized accounting software for finance professionals, Trintech simplified and optimized global operations with a unique combination of infrastructure and cloud solutions, including VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu, PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC RecoverPoint for VMs and PowerProtect appliances. The result was a 400% improvement in performance and an increase in the availability of SaaS solutions from 99.5% to 99.99%. The transition to four-nines availability meant customers went from neutral or negative Net Promoter Scores to recommending the solution to other customers. “This translated directly to sales growth, which over a four-year period was about a 300% increase in revenue,” says Matt Bertram, vice president of technology at Trintech, as seen in the graphic below. 

figure 1

Working with Dell on a multiyear transformation initiative, Trintech plans to upgrade its VMware Cloud Foundation environments, including deploying VMware vSphere 7 and leveraging VMware Tanzu for Linux and Windows containers. This will enable Trintech to run cloud-native workloads alongside its 1,500 existing virtual machines, further automating the company’s continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes, and migrate its application stack to a future-focused Kubernetes platform. Bertram anticipates huge gains in productivity, speed to market and customer responsiveness: “By being able to leverage an infrastructure which supports both containers and virtual machines, we will be able to decrease the time to deploy new versions of our product from hours to seconds.” 

Rackspace: Rackspace uses VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail Hyperconverged Infrastructure for many of the solutions it offers customers. The deployments have been so successful that Rackspace reengineered its private cloud solutions using Dell Technologies and VMware to maintain a consistent experience from edge to core to cloud. The initiative, called Rackspace Services for VMware Cloud, would not be possible without VxRail, according to Rackspace, with benefits including 100% production platform uptime; deployment in hours instead of weeks; the ability to scale in minutes; and streamlined migration of SAP S/4HANA and ongoing managed services. “Automation and machine learning in Dell EMC VxRail with VMware streamline our clients’ cloud journey into the future in a controlled, predictable manner,” says Adrianna Bustamante, senior director and strategic alliance executive for VMware and Dell Technologies at Rackspace Technology.

City of Amarillo, Texas: IT modernization, including desktop virtualization with VMware Horizon on Dell EMC VxRail, has been a breakthrough in enabling workplace transformation for the city of Amarillo—particularly valuable when many city employees had to begin working from home during the pandemic. “For those who would work from home, we were able to stand them up practically overnight, which would’ve been impossible before our IT modernization,” says Richard Gagnon, the city’s chief information officer. “In fact, we spun up a 75-person virtual call center for remote public health clinics in just a day and a half using our VxRail-supported VDI.”  The VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution has also reduced costs and improved mobile efficiencies for police and other first responders, reducing response times by 60%. VDI has cut boot-up times from 10 minutes to 36 seconds for thousands of city workers. The city has also improved productivity using Dell EMC Data Protection and Backup Solutions, consolidating seven storage platforms to one. 

Banco Bradesco: Banco Bradesco is one of Brazil’s largest banks, serving customers and businesses at more than 48,000 branches and kiosks. Banco Bradesco has taken a leadership role in modernizing consumer banking in Brazil, building a data-driven mobile digital banking platform called “next,” which provides a personalized, integrated customer experience by leveraging digital intelligence based on big data and advanced analytics. The solution is built on Dell VxBlock 340 hyperconverged infrastructure and Dell EMC Isilon storage, plus VMware Cloud Management, Tanzu and Networking. Next served 300,000 active account holders in its first year, 86% of which had not previously done business with Banco Bradesco. “In only 18 months we created a digital bank from scratch, relying on expertise and solutions from Dell Technologies [and VMware],” says Jeferson Ricardo Garcia Honorato, director of next at Banco Bradesco. “We collaborated with them in creating the analytical environment, security features and algorithms for next.”

Taking the Next Step
Whether it is Flexible IT, digital workplace transformation, innovating with data, protecting data or any other IT modernization initiative, Dell and VMware can empower your organization’s digital future. For more information, please visit

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