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PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the AI recommendation engine for developer self-service, today announced the launch of the Peritus Assistant for Slack to empower developers with rapid and informative responses to their most common questions on a wide range of cloud-native technologies including Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Elastic, MongoDB, and numerous open source projects. In addition, Peritus has closed $3.4 million in seed plus funding, which was co-led by First Ray Ventures and Benhamou Global Ventures. With these two important milestones, Peritus is now ideally positioned to accelerate customer adoption of its innovative offerings for cloud-native developers and communities.

Developers continue to rely on community and vendor forums for expert knowledge for the most popular cloud-native topics but questions are rarely answered in under 24 hours and the best advice is posted on multiple fragmented sites. To bring developers instant recommendations from all trusted sources as they work, Peritus has built a knowledge network of over 27 million questions, answers, tips from published content, and conversations on Stack Overflow, related community product forums, and GitHub for 25 of the leading open source and proprietary cloud-native technologies. The Peritus Recommendation Engine uses machine learning and AI to source and rank all of the information by filtering the answers provided by over one million qualified community experts to help developers quickly find the best responses to their questions.

Previously available as a Chrome Extension for community forums, developers can now also tap into this comprehensive knowledge network through the Peritus Assistant for Slack. Slack has rapidly become an essential channel for community engagement, particularly for developer-first communities. According to IDC, developers spend 21% less time identifying and resolving engineering-related bugs and issues when using Slack. The Peritus Assistant for Slack extends this power even further.

“Our mission at Peritus is to be the Developer Success company, providing the millions of developers powering the software economy with the expert knowledge they need to be productive with the latest open source and cloud technologies,” said Robin Purohit, co-founder, and CEO, Peritus. “Slack has rapidly emerged as a high volume developer communications channel, and by providing access to our unmatched knowledge network for all cloud-native products and technologies, we can boost developer productivity for any software-driven community or organization.”

How Peritus Assistant for Slack Works
The Peritus Assistant uses instant machine learning to provide recommendations on Slack developer communities by understanding the context of a long-form technical question and identifying the best answers. It provides the responses using @askPeritus via direct message or through a reply to the developer to review and post to the channel. Based on the question, the Peritus Assistant for Slack also recommends the top three experts to contact for additional help across multiple communities based on the specific topic of the query.

The Peritus Assistant for Slack is available immediately in several options. Developers can access it for free by signing into the Peritus Slack Sandbox here. For team collaboration, the Peritus Assistant for Slack can also be downloaded to the Slack workspace for a free 30-day trial, after which it is $10/user/month. For companies using Slack as a community or support channel, the Peritus Assistant for Slack can be upgraded to ingest Slack conversation archives into the recommendation engine with an annual subscription plan.

With the latest $3.4 million seed plus funding, First Ray Ventures and BGV have joined existing investors IdeaSpring and The Hive. Peritus will use the funding to accelerate investments in go-to-market activities and expand the topics and technologies it supports in its recommendation engine.

“We believe that developer need for assistance in cloud-native software is growing rapidly and Peritus’s AI recommendation assistant and community intelligence clearly reduces the friction for community support,” said Amit Sridharan, General Partner, First Rays Venture Partners. “We are excited to back the experienced team of founders, Robin Purohit and Santhosh Srinivasan in making Peritus AI a key product for the developer community.”

About is a patented cloud-based recommendation engine that provides developer self-service as you work from experts you trust. The company’s current focus is the cloud-native ecosystem with free and paid subscription offerings for developers, DevOps teams, and community managers. Headquartered in Palo Alto, has offices in India and Canada and is backed by investors including First Rays Venture Partners, The Hive, IdeaSpring, and Benhamou Global Ventures. Please follow us on LinkedIn and @peritus_AI.

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