Pandemic led to cancellation, postponement of 30 percent of health-care visits – The Washington Post

Based on data from a nationally representative sample of 1,011 adults 50 and older, the researchers found that, as of January, most people have either received the care that had been postponed or have rescheduled their appointment (50 percent for dental care, 72 percent for tests and procedures, 76 percent for primary care visits). But, they expressed concern about the number of people who had not yet rescheduled or did not intend to (for dental care: 37 percent; for tests and procedures: 26 percent; for doctor visits: 22 percent).

In all areas, rescheduling was much more probable among vaccinated people than unvaccinated (64 percent vs. 30 percent for dental care; 81 percent vs. 44 percent for tests and procedures; 85 percent vs. 53 percent for doctor visits).

Not getting needed care comes with an array of potential health and wellness consequences. For instance, tooth decay that needs a simple filling but is not treated could progress to requiring a root canal, which is more complicated and more expensive; the cause of a pain cannot be diagnosed and could become chronic without a doctor’s examination; cancer may not be detected and could advance because of a missed screening.

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