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As futuristic as many skin gadgets look, spending a chunk of money on a device that doesn’t do anything is a haunting prospect. But according to reviewers, NuDerma’s Portable High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine is a “miracle” for firming wrinkles, minimizing the look of pores, and clearing up cystic acne. And best of all, the typically $160 device is currently marked down to $120 — a price that’s worth it, per shoppers who say it “literally changed [their] life.” 

“How is this possible?” wrote one person of the difference they saw from the “magic device” after using it twice. “I’m almost 60, and am in disbelief at the results…Lip lines are diminishing, mouth corners aren’t as saggy, nasal labial folds are softened, and eyelids and brows are lifting.” The photos they provided prove the fast-acting device delivers, and more fans in their 50s echoed the positive results for fine lines

Unlike vibrating, microcurrent skin tools, the NuDerma relies on a combination of neon and argon light to anti-age and reduce acne. As board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green explains, high-frequency facial tools work by pumping neon or argon gas into glass electrodes; when they contact your skin, it releases high frequency currents that work to kill any bacteria and stimulate cell turnover. “Argon gas is typically used to treat acne and oily skin, while neon gas is typically used for anti-aging.”

The current isn’t passing through your skin, but the light has an effect: It “works to enhance blood circulation as well as increase collagen and elastin production, improve overall skin appearance, and reduce acne-causing bacteria,” Green says. Red is best for anti-aging, according to studies, while violet is used for acne treatments (the same theory is at work in the Solawave tool that Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman use). 

NuDerma’s machine combines the two in its six interchangeable wand heads, so you get the benefits of both — like a “significant improvement” in fine lines and tightened crow’s feet, and breakouts that vanish within a day of treatment. And thanks to the included comb wand, some people even notice increased hair growth, findings that studies on red light support. “I am honestly surprised that it’s working,” one NuDerma user said. “I have a ton of baby hairs.”  

Skin professionals also give it their stamp of approval. As a self-proclaimed esthetician wrote in their review of the product, “Of all the high frequency devices I’ve used, this one is by far my fave.” A last shopper summed up the “magic” effects after one use: “My skin was firmer, and my jawline a tiny bit more lifted and contoured…This will save me tons of money on skincare products, facials, and Botox and fillers in the future.” 

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