Krueger: Enjoying our twilight years — and not apologizing for it –

The older I get the more I really enjoy life.

That feeling is probably enhanced because the Lovely Mary Ann and I are both still in good health. For that little tidbit we are eternally thankful.

Have you heard that song “The Older I get” by Alan Jackson?

The words of this song sure do fit our lives right now.

“I’m just getting better.” “I take longer to pray now because I suppose I have more to say.” “If there was a Fountain of Youth, I wouldn’t drink a drop.” “I don’t mind the lines.” “I’m thankful for the life I have been granted and living still.”

Some folks are critical of my constant laments about aging. I welcome their comments but still remain thankful for my good health during the aging process. Denial is not necessary when you feel good and every time you have blood drawn for the battery of tests, almost everything is within the normal limits.

Someone asked the actor Clint Eastwood how he deals with old age, and his response was, “Don’t let the Old Man in.”

That’s pretty good advice if you can do it.

While aging is going along very well, I must admit the aches and pains continue to come about, and it appears nothing can be done to prevent them. But we both feel great and that is the essence of aging — to be in good health and to feel good.

Oh, for sure, I must admit that we both do take some meds to deal with our health, and every time I meet with our wonderful health provider we always ask how much longer the meds are needed. The response is always forever, but we are also told we aren’t getting anything that doesn’t enhance our lives.

So that explains why we take meds and, so far we anyhow, experience very few side effects. We give highest accolades to our wonderful and talented health provider Theresa Cameron. We keep telling her, “Ya gotta keep us glued together a little longer,” and she does such a magnificent job of it.

We both subscribe to obeying the rituals of how to deal with old age. The only thing I feel bad about is at the moment is I have had to stop walking. I have always loved to walk, and walked regularly until a few months back. My knees hurt so bad when I walk that I am reluctant to go out knowing full well that during my entire walk I will have to deal with pain. I do go for a knee shot every three months, and that stops the constant pain. But just as soon as I begin to walk, the pain returns.

It’s funny how in our youth and even later we hardly ever gave much thought to our body. It was there to use, and we sure did use it in our early years. Now, of course, the entire mission in life is to maintain good health, and that becomes a real challenge at times. Oh, we do get scares once in a while, but Theresa steps up and we are healthy again.

It is such a gift to have such outstanding health care in our twilight years. And if Theresa is booked up or absent, we just consult her sister, Susan Lisa Hanson. They are both exceptional.

And last but sure not least, life is good for the two of us and so greatly enhanced by living in such an ideal community. It is pure fun to live among such friendly, caring, helpful folks who are always at the ready to help any way they can.

Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer. Email

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