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As reported on GetNewsInfo, 300 million of the body’s cells die every minute; replenishing them is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system and slowing the aging process. New findings from Nokomis Research prove that polyamines, Spermine and Spermidine, are essential for fortifying and regenerating the cells of our immune system.

Protecting the body’s immune system, particularly in this age of Covid 19, has become a universal focus. And for good reason. The immune system is incredibly complicated and absolutely vital to our survival. Made up of a number of different cell types throughout the body, the system works to fight off pathogens and clear up dead cells in perfect synchronicity. Until it doesn’t. Until age takes its toll or a new virus rears its ugly head.

The question is: How do we keep our life-affirming immune system strong and healthy? How do we fight off these new and increasingly lethal viral enemies?

The answer? By fortifying and regenerating the cells that help make up our immune system.

“Polyamines are the key”, says Richard Bendera, CEO of Nokomis Research. “Particularly the polyamines Spermine and Spermidine. Our research has shown that these particular polyamines, in combination, are essential elements for cellular and tissue growth and regeneration. They’re vital to solving a myriad of health ailments and they’re critical to cell survival and function in the body.”

Spermine and Spermidine are biogenic polyamines, naturally-occurring phytochemicals found in plant foods such as corn, cucumber, oats, and radishes. Together they play multiple roles in the growth, proliferation, and survival of cells.

Unfortunately, as the body ages and cell growth diminishes, so do these polyamines. And with 300 million old cells dying every minute, replenishing those cell-protective polyamines that continually decline in the body over time becomes critical. And Nokomis appears to have found the solution.

“That blended formula of Spermine and Spermidine is the answer to regenerating the body,” says Mr. Bendera. “It’s taken us nearly 20 years to prove that; 20 years of intensive scientific research, clinical trials, and rigorous testing. But we’ve found our new patented formula not only protects the immune system, it actually seems to slow down the aging process. Our work, however, isn’t done yet.”

Emerging evidence has suggested that COVID-19 antibodies — proteins produced by the body’s immune system to fight infection and protect against future reinfection — may start waning in as little as two months, raising questions about how long immunity may last and whether or not a person can get re-infected.

“This is a real concern,” according to Mr. Bendera. “And it means that our work on cell regeneration and replacement has now taken on new importance. Ensuring that the immune system remains strong and healthy. Not for just a few months, but long-term.”

Nokomis Research is a global healthcare research company with more than 20 years’ experience developing innovative, natural solutions to unique health challenges. Internationally known for its pioneering series of health and wellness products, Nokomis was the first to address the challenges of imbalance in hormones. It is also the first to realize the restorative influence of the polyamines, Spermine and Spermidine, on cell preservation and regeneration.

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