Is Lancome Genifique Anti-Aging Serum Worth It? – The List

Silky and smooth, it’s easy to see why Lancome Genifique anti-aging serum has gained such popular reviews, according to Byrdie. Formulated to be super absorbent and lightweight, this hero product dries quickly so there’s no waiting for tacky skin to set. What’s great about is the fact it can also be applied under moisturizer and makeup base products, such as foundation. 

Boasting rapid results, it’s easy to see why this serum was dubbed a “skin-hero” by many. Sable Yong, the former digital beauty editor at Allure, tested it out and noticed the difference. She said: “After following this routine for a week — seven days, if you want to get specific — I noticed that my skin felt plumper and more hydrated, like it had gone on some wellness retreat without me, returning slightly changed and with a subtle glow up that spoke either of a life of extreme comfort or else a newly acquired secret.”

Anecdotal research from Byrdie suggests that the serum works particularly well on dry and dull skin thanks to its ability to plump, hydrate, and revitalize. For people with naturally oily skin — or skin that is well-hydrated — it may not achieve the same results. What this suggests is that, while a hero product for many, the effectiveness of Lancome Genifique anti-aging serum could be dependent on skin type. 

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