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The companies you bank with, the cars you drive and even the farm equipment that raises the food you eat each day all implement programming in some form. As more businesses turn to software solutions to serve their customers better, developers may find themselves in industries outside of traditional tech firms. So whether you’re interested in healthcare or artificial intelligence, learning how to code can make you a competitive candidate.

Programming skills open doors to technical roles, but you may want to pursue one with widespread appeal to increase your hiring chances. The Coding 101 Bootcamp Beginners Bundle features 10 courses on some of the most popular languages in use today, and it’s currently on sale for $29.

The training is presented by Zenva Academy, an e-learning platform trusted by over one million students and developers globally. Its curriculum covers a vast range of coding practices, including games, websites, apps and VR experiences, and courses include project files and videos to make learning easy.

If you’re new to coding, you should consider mastering HTML and CSS, which programmers use to build web pages. The bootcamp can get you started with two classes that cover basic HTML tags and how to add links, images, forms and tables. Once you set up your page, you can use CSS to give it a responsive design that conforms to any screen size.

JavaScript is another popular, beginner-friendly language frequently used for web and game development. In the JavaScript Foundations course, you’ll learn data management with variables, operators and arrays, implementing interactivity with event handling, automating tasks with functions and more. According to IronHack, companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook use JavaScript extensively, so adding JS-based projects to your portfolio could help you get hired at one of these tech giants.

Python is still one of the fastest-growing coding languages, and KDNuggets reported that big data and cloud computing contributed to its popularity. Seasoned developers use it for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Python Foundations course will help you become familiar with the fundamentals first, including object-oriented programming and how to use functions for program execution. Lastly, this package features lessons on C++, Java, Kotlin and more if you want to broaden your skill set.

Course list:

  • The Complete Introduction to C++

  • Git and Github – Version Control and Collaboration

  • Intro to MongoDB

  • Node.js and Express for Beginners

  • HTML and CSS

  • Kotlin for Beginners

  • Python Foundations

  • JavaScript Foundations

  • Java Foundations

  • CSS Foundations

The Coding 101 Bootcamp Beginners Bundle can introduce you to popular languages hiring managers are looking for. Purchase it now for $29 or just under $3 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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