Fostering diversity in the workplace, and it shows! – Verizon News

With nearly two decades at Verizon and its legacy companies, Helene came from humble beginnings in a small village in France. She always valued the importance of resourcefulness in her various roles.  

Her time on the V Team has instilled a sense of pride to work for a company that shares her values and gives her the opportunity to grow and build. She’s also very involved in our Women of the World (WOW) career development program that is designed to equip participants with the skills and capabilities to become leaders and achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Helene has this advice for all company leaders: “Value your female employees as full team members, promote their visibility externally and internally, and express your gratitude by nominating them for programs like WISA. They are worth it and will give back even more.” 

Kudos to all our Women in Sales finalists and mentors.

Our finalists for 2021 included V Teamers across Sales, Customer Service, Sales Support, Finance, and Professional Services. 

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