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Getting your neck firm and ready for the upcoming spring season might not be such a task with a little help from skin-lifting cream that shoppers say makes a “huge difference” on sagging skin. Dermelect’s neck firming lift cream is packed to the brim with skin revitalizing ingredients like avocado oil, alpha-hydroxy acid and green tea extract that hydrate and plump skin so well, wrinkles and fine lines look less prominent instantly. 

“This is THE only neck cream that does what it promises to do,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “My necklines have disappeared and my skin feels much softer. No negative side effects, either.”

With the purpose of being used daily, the cream is meant to improve the overall appearance of wrinkling and sagging skin from across the neck and jawline area. Basically, it gets rid of what’s so lovingly nicknamed “turkey neck.” 

Self Esteem Neck Firming Lift Cream

Courtesy of Dermelect.

When you take a look at the product’s main ingredients, it’s easy to see how it’s so effective as an anti-aging, wrinkle-erasing tool.

Avocado oil works to nourish your skin, while the alpha-hydroxy acid evens your skin texture out and the green tea extract aids in UV protection as well as anti-inflammation. One shopper said the product’s a “game-changer” and added that, if “you want instant better skin tone—this is it!” 

Along with anti-aging ingredients, the cream is jam-packed with nourishing ones. Jojoba Oil is also another powerhouse ingredient in this firming cream and helps skin retain moisture. Say goodbye to dry, chapped skin.

This firming cream is a hit with customers who have mature skin problems,  many of whom said it helps them look younger and fixes sagging issues around their necks. 

“I have been using this cream for my ‘senior neck’ for a long time and I can report that my 89-year-old neck looks years younger,” says another customer. “Be consistent, I use it twice a day.” For best results, use your bare hand (or maybe a Gua Sha stone) to massage the cream into your skin with an upward motion until the product is fully absorbed. This can be done when you wake up and before you go to bed. 

Even better: the neck-firming cream is free of mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. Along with this, it’s also cruelty-free and gluten-free, making it the perfect product for you if you have relatively sensitive skin. 

So, if you’re in the market for a neck cream that performs wonders and has an ingredient list from the heavens, then Dermelect’s Self-Esteem Professional Neck Firming Cream might be something you might just want to add to your cart.

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