Delhi Duty Free launches Grant’s Triple Wood 12 exclusively in Indian travel retail – The Moodie Davitt Report – The Moodie Davitt Report

INDIA. Delhi Duty Free has introduced Grant’s Triple Wood 12 blended Scotch exclusively to travel retail in India. It is part of a wider channel roll-out by brand owner William Grant & Sons which highlights the new Grant’s Triple Wood 12’s bottle design. As reported, the blend is highlighted in key airports in EMEA travel retail through activations in striking black and gold colours, supporting by digital touchpoints.

The new line is being highlighted at Delhi and other key airports through activations and advertising in striking black and gold colours

The reserved sherry cask, the third barrel in the three-barrel layering process, adds an extra layer of flavour in accordance with the brand’s motto “two barrels make it good, the third makes it Grant’s’. It won the IWSC Gold Medal for world’s best blended whisky in 2019.

Delhi Duty Free highlighted the “distinctive, sleek, black triangular bottle design and modern iconography” on the bottle, noting that Grant’s Triple Wood 12 is part of the brand’s ambitious international growth plan. It added: “Grant’s is now going after a bigger slice of the premium blended Scotch whisky pie, starting with a focused marketing, sales, and distribution drive over the next few months in 12 key global markets, including India travel retail.”

Big, bold and gold: The campaign (above and below) that supports the Delhi Duty Free in-store promotion

Grant’s Triple Wood 12 is produced at Grant’s Girvan Distillery, home to the Girvan Patent Still, which produces its signature sweet, fruity and light distillate.

The new look for the 12 Year Old is supported by a campaign that encompasses Out Of Home media and digital communications under the banner ‘Weather the Storm Together’. This is supported by an advocacy and influencer campaign designed to share the quality behind this Grant’s bottling.

Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador Danny Dyer said: “It’s a well-known industry secret that our grain whisky is so sought after it’s been used by the big boys in their blends for years. With the opening of the Ailsa Bay Distillery back in 2007, we were able to increase our production capacity so we can now share more of our award-winning aged stocks with a wider global audience.

“A gold medal winning whisky like this needs to be bottled in something really impressive, and this bottle upgrade will stand out spectacularly on shelf or behind the bar. Grant’s Triple Wood 12 looks as good as it tastes and is testament to the fact that when the right people stand together, great things happen.”

William Grant & Sons Master Blender Brian Kinsman, who selected the three barrels to create Grant’s Triple Wood 12, said: “Creating a blend at scale is one of the hardest jobs you have as a master blender, which made receiving the IWSC Award for the best blended whisky such a satisfying honour.

“This liquid was judged blind by many master distillers and industry peers in one of the most respected competitions in the business. We’ve gone the extra mile with Grant’s Triple Wood 12, ageing it for a minimum of 12 years and using a sherry cask as the third barrel to add a sweet spice to balance the vanilla and sweetness.”

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