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Europe 1 listeners can expect a lot of changes in the coming weeks. After the announced departure of Nicholas Canteloup, Julie Leclerc, Patrick Cohen, Anne Romanoff, Pascal Clarke, Michel Darmon, Bertrand Chameroy, Matthew Belliard and Wendy Bouchard, a historical figure for the station is about to leave the ship. The contract of Laurent Caprol, who has worked there since the mid-1970s, was not renewed. So the 74-year-old columnist will be giving his last post live next Friday.

They kicked me out in the morning, my contract is terminatedHe told AFP. I don’t have any explanations, but I think they are creating a vacuum to create a new Europe 1, without the old one. I am part of the historical channel Europe 1, and it was the radio that saw me born and made me grow.”

However, he does not intend to retire. “I love the weather. And in that science, the more experience you have, the better.”

In the other direction, for arrivals, Europe 1 awaits another 74-year-old star, William Limmerje, according to Parisian. Every Saturday, between 3 pm and 4 pm, he will discuss with the listeners the area in which they live.

It won’t happen alone, as it was already announced in June that Lawrence Ferrari will land at the helm of new news programming in addition to her work on CNews. And if we are to believe the French press, Mouloud Ashour, Thomas Léquiertier, or Laurie Chulliwa can follow.

What do you rinse the ears in a very different way.

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