Chaffee County Public Health and Embracing Aging Chaffee present Changing the Narrative’s “Antidotes for Ageism” – by Jan Wondra – The Ark Valley Voice

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Mark your calendars: after a two-year hiatus due to the OCVID-19 pandemic, Embracing Aging Chaffee will be back in a new hybrid format on April 7, 2022,

Image by Matthew Bennett. Courtesy of unsplash.

Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) and Embracing Aging Chaffee will present an interactive hybrid film screening of “Antidotes for Ageism”, followed by a discussion about age-friendly health.

Like communities across the state and the country, Chaffee County’s population is aging. The event will empower attendees with motivation and knowledge to advocate for age-friendly healthcare.

  • 26% of Chaffee County is over 65 years of age (double of any surrounding county)
  • 17% are between the ages of 55-64
  • The median age is 49.2

Ageism impacts our health and economy, shortening our lives and diminishing our wellbeing. However, there are things that professionals and consumers can do to change this.

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To raise awareness about this issue, Changing the Narrative and Boulder County Area Agency on Aging created a short film, “Antidotes for Ageism: A Brief Guide to Creating Inclusive Care in an Ageist Society”.

The film is a compilation of interviews with professionals who serve older adults. Interviewees discuss their insights about what ageism is and how it shows up in healthcare settings. The film aims to inspire people to take actionable steps to eliminate ageism from healthcare.

From the film:

“Many times when the information is lacking, health care professionals simply omit instead of converse, and I think that’s an ageism problem where we’re deciding for the patient rather than the patient directing care with the best information we have available.”

Geriatrician Dr. Jeff Wallace

“Age discrimination, whether you’re older, whether you’re younger, has a cost for us all . . . The cost is loss of productivity, loss of knowledge, loss of insights . . . If we are more open and inclusive to people of all ages, then we all benefit.”

Colorado Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging Member Tony Tapia

“My goal is to change the way we think about growing older, and to create a new reality where every one of us as we age can experience true belonging, meaningful purpose, and continued growth in our lives.”

President & CEO, Christian Living Communities Jill Vitale-Aussem

The event will be live at Salida SteamPlant Theater, 220 West Sackett Avenue, Salida, CO, and available to stream online.

Register here:

Changing the Narrative” is a partnership of NextFifty Initiative and Rose Community Foundation to change the way people think, talk and act about aging, older people, and ageism.

Embracing Aging Chaffee is a growing community resource hub for older adults, caregivers, and their families in Chaffee County. CCPH Aging Well program is passionate about assisting older adults in Chaffee County Age Strong while aging in place.

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