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September 2, 2021

Are you looking for the best data science courses for managers? Are you wondering how to improve your data science skills? Well, then we are here with the data science courses that can help you with this. Here are the data science courses for managers in 2021 to know about. 

Data Science (Online)- UC Berkeley Executive Education 

Duration: 10 weeks 

UC Berkeley Executive Education is a professional e-learning platform that offers a comprehensive data science course for managers to upskill and improve their decision-making process in order to excel in their careers. After this data science course is done, you will be able to work effectively with data science business with great outcomes. This is one of the best data science courses which is created by experts in the industry. 

Artificial Intelligence: Strategies for Leading Business Transformation- Kellogg School of Management

Duration: 2 months 

This is one of the data science courses that is designed for C-level executives, senior managers, and mid-career professionals who want to know and understand AI and its implications in an industrial setting. It offers everything you need to understand about the transformation initiatives using the latest technology trends such as analytics, AI, and big data. This course consists of 8 modules about AI and the lessons are taught in live video sessions with real-life applications from nearly 50 business use cases. 

Post Graduate Certificate Program in AI and ML- Purdue University 

Duration: 12 months

This is a post-graduate program designed to make you understand AI and ML. It is designed for working professionals like business analysts or developers with proper professional knowledge. This is one of the best data science courses that will help you cover vital concepts such as Statistics, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. The post graduate certified program is designed in collaboration with IBM and Purdue University equipping you with industry learning experience from expert tutors. After completing the course, you will have a command over AI and ML. 

Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications- UC Berkeley Executive Education

Duration: 2 months 

This is also one of the best data science courses for managers offered by UC Berkeley Executive Education. The course is designed for senior leaders, functional business heads, senior managers, mid-career experts, data scientists, and analysts. This data science course will help you learn about the basics of AI, automation, robotics, and ML. It consists of eight modules about AI. 

Post Graduate Program in Data Science- Purdue University 

Duration: 12 months 

This is one of the best data science courses offered by Purdue University. The course is designed by IBM which gives you practical exposure to understand data science core concepts such as statistics, critical programming languages, machine learning, and algorithms. The course and its curriculum will help you gain insights into data science-related fields. This is one of the best data science courses for managers. 

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Engineering- Purdue University- Simplilearn

Duration: 8 months

This other data science course is offered by Purdue University. If you want to understand the basics of the advanced concepts of data engineering then this is the best option for you. This is also designed by IBM experts and can help you improve business productivity by processing large volumes of data. This course also gives you an opportunity to explore Amazon Web Services too by giving you hands-on experience over the problems of real life. 

Executive Data Science Specialization (Coursera)

Duration: 1 month 

Coursera is an online platform that also offers a diverse range of data science courses for managers. This course includes a crash course in data science, building a team, managing data analytics, and data science in real life. This will equip you with how to evaluate and progress a team with complementary skill sets and roles. 

AI for Business Leaders (Udacity)

Duration: 4-8 weeks 

This course is for the managers who want to get a command over AI and its foundations to implement it in businesses. These data science courses can give you foundational knowledge over ML and AI to scale up the businesses. 

Data Science for Business Leaders (Udacity)

Duration: 4-8 weeks 

This data science course is created by partnering with Alteryx and is for executives who focus on advanced concepts of data science. This is one of the best data science courses for managers to master the decision-making process and to leverage data science to its maximum potential. The course consists of 4 modules to test and analyze your learning skills. 

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