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Boca Raton, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Announces Acquisition of BodySite Digital Health

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)—the global leader for continuing medical education in longevity and whole-person medicine— has announced the acquisition of by its parent company Tarsus Medical Group. The acquisition marks the organization’s continued movement into the ever-growing digital healthcare space. 

BodySite is a world-leading digital care app and monitoring platform used by thousands of health and wellness practitioners to provide patient care. The platform combines the industry’s most robust patient education content management system with remote patient monitoring through connected devices and compliance tracking to provide a complete solution for clinicians wanting to extend their care beyond the four walls of the clinic for better patient outcomes.

As an A4M offering, will expand its digital strategy to help providers optimize vitality for patients worldwide. The expanded platform will further allow healthcare providers of all backgrounds to better integrate remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, nutrition, and much more in between regular office visits, and thus provide more optimal patient care. 

“A4M’s mission has always been to redefine the standard of medicine by providing clinicians with the most cutting-edge education and resources available to deliver whole person care,” said Doreen Brown, CEO of Tarsus Medical Group. “This new acquisition perfectly complements this mission. We are looking forward to further equipping our growing community of forward-thinking clinicians with such a valuable clinical tool.” 

“This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in our company’s history that will allow us to provide even better tools and features for healthcare providers looking to make a greater impact on their patients’ health as well as improve the interactions they have with their patients each day,” said John Cummings, Founder & CEO of BodySite Digital Health. “We very much look forward to working with Tarsus to integrate our existing offering into their medical ecosystem and expand our capabilities going forward to continue our mission to change for the better how doctors and their patients tackle health issues.”


About the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine & Metabolic Medical Institute:

Rooted in a forward-focused mission to redefine modern medicine, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is the established global leader for continuing medical education in longevity medicine, metabolic resilience, and whole-person care. The Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) serves as a branch of A4M that delivers graduate level education designed to produce the complete practitioner in all aspects of anti-aging medicine. MMI has adopted a variety of educational resources to deliver in-person, on-line, synchronous, and asynchronous mixed methods learning experiences ranging from one day workshops to month long courses. Together, A4M/MMI is comprised of over 26,000 members and provides an advanced network of continuing medical education opportunities including traditional CME events, intensive curriculum-based courses, university-level certification programs, in-depth workshops, and more.

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