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July 16, 2021

Ms. Nita Mathur

Ambeone, is a leading training institute in Dubai and one of the few in the region offering classroom instructor-led training in all levels and aspects of data science including in-depth knowledge in statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence focusing uniquely on management and business applications for both corporates and individuals.

The institute has been set up in 2012 and is renowned for its training in data science, data-driven management programs, business excellence programs, and energy efficiency programs. The department for data science, machine learning, and AI training was started in 2015 to propagate these new technologies into corporate management by building skill set capacity.

The faculty, who are industry practitioners in this field with many years of experience in using research and analytics in business, noticed huge gaps in skill sets in this fast-growing field and were convinced that the correct use of data analytics and data science will benefit the industry tremendously.

The institute has launched its data science course with the mission to build skill sets and create future data scientists who can help organizations harness data in an accurate and statistically robust manner.

The focus of Ambeone’s data science and AI courses has always been to provide an integrated approach comprising of a strong foundation in statistical knowledge with programming skills in R and Python for data mining and manipulation to build robust machine learning and AI models for business applications to improve productivity, profitability, and performance.

The Curriculum that Leads the Students Towards Success

There are two important aspects of the curriculum and pedagogy followed by the institute. First is, a strong foundation in statistics and data interpretationsince it is crucial and is indeed the foundation for mastery and expertise in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence domains. And second, a strong focus on using data science for business applications. The institute believes that data science is not an isolated topic. Its utility is in helping business organizations derive valuable insights, predictions, and automation to enhance productivity and profitability.

Hence, the data science courses focus on learning data science techniques with the ultimate goal of using them in different business scenarios. The students are trained to use several customized case studies and projects built around real industry data and internships to ensure that they can apply their new skills successfully for business applications.

 Ambeone, has carefully designed a learning structure, offering a complete series of data science courses with nine different levels, that offer students the flexibility to join any level of the data science series based on their aptitude and current skills to progress to higher levels at their own pace.

All courses are provided as in-person faculty-led classroom training with an emphasis on assignments, case studies, and building data science projects for different business applications.

Its integrated program – “Associate in Data Science and AI ” is a highly popular course that provides a comprehensive one-stop learning solution for all relevant components of data science so that one can start from the basics and progress towards becoming a data scientist with expertise in machine learning and AI and enter this growing field quickly as a job-ready professional in just six months. In fact, for this data science course, the institute also offers job placement assistance to students and helps find them suitable placement through its industry contacts and engagements.

The Brain Behind the Institute

Nita Mathur is the Founder of Ambeone Institute. She is a market research and management industry expert and data science management consultant with over 30 years of experience. She is a Gold Medalist in statistics and has completed her PGDM (MBA) from the prestigious institute- Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (IIM-C). Along with a strong focus on business applications, her agenda is to design and deliver programs that make students job-ready in the fast-growing data science industry.

Her focus and goal are to prepare students in a well-structured and time-bound manner to quickly enter the field as a skilled data scientist and get high-growth jobs in the industry.

Nita says, “We focus on making our students a complete professional Data Scientist and not just R or Python Programmers “.

Hence, she places significant emphasis on ensuring that students understand the foundation of statistics for data analytics and modeling and then learn to apply these skills correctly with suitable ML and AI techniques holistically in different business applications.

Why is Ambeone Different from the Rest?

It is the only leading institute in the Gulf region providing certified in-person instructor-led classroom training programs for all levels and aspects in data science including basic statistics, advanced statistics, programming in R and Python, and a wide range of supervised and unsupervised machine learning and AI techniques with the ultimate objective of enhancing business outcomes through data science in terms of improved productivity, profits, and performance.

All the data science courses, data analyst courses, and artificial intelligence courses are offered as instructor-led classroom training for effective learning and retention. The programs are taught by industry experts and management consultants who have a data science consulting background with a strong foundation in statistics and business applications. The institute’s Faculty has over 30 years of experience in research and analytics consulting with acclaimed academic credentials like Gold Medalist in Statistics, MBA from IIM, Ph.D. in Data Science. All the courses have been systematically developed and structured to optimize the application of data science in the industry. Its content is the result of years of management experience and addresses real challenges in applying data science and machine learning at a practical level.

Ambeone’s data science course series is carefully structured to make students’ jobs ready in six months and the institute also provides placement assistance through their industrial contacts and engagement. The data science courses certification focuses on hands-on learning through building data science projects, case studies, and assignments. In addition, since the courses are offered as per a fixed schedule, students can complete the program quickly in a time-bound manner. This directly impacts their take-off and entry time in this fast-emerging field.

The programs are offered in small batches so there is personal attention but at the same time ample interaction with other participants from diverse backgrounds in terms of industries and functionalities. It also offers niche programs in data science applications for different industries like fraud analytics, HR analytics, energy efficiency analytics, Alog Trading, etc.

Providing Practical Exposure to Improve Skill Sets

The data science programs include various hands-on practical assignments and industry-based case studies as well as internships to ensure job readiness in this exciting field. As part of Ambeone’s data science courses, students develop several data science projects based on real industry data to learn and practice all aspects of building and applying data science models. Furthermore, the training emphasizes not just building models but also training students on how to evaluate and enhance their models using intricate statistical concepts so the models can work as efficiently and effectively as possible to meet the business challenges.

The programs also include lots of hands-on practical assignments and emphasis on the Gulf and the Middle East Industries-based case studies and projects to ensure job readiness and relevance of the students in this emerging and exciting field in the UAE and Middle East Region.

It also encourages students to participate individually or as teams in various competitions by Kaggle as well as take part in the industry projects in the region.

Balancing Practicality and Statistically correct usage  amid Hype of Data Science

The main challenge that an institute like Ambeone faces is to explain to data science aspirants the need for a solid foundation in statistics to become a successful data scientist.

Due to the big demand for data science jobs, there is a lot of interest in data science courses, but most people believe that knowing programming in Python is what is data science is all about.

Training on all these aspects of data science in a holistic manner takes lots of time and effort from both faculty and students and cannot be done through quick courses which do not emphasize underlying practical and statistical concepts.

The other challenge the institute faces is to ensure that everyone understands that data science is not a goal by itself but it is only a tool or a means to an end, i.e., it cannot be used in isolation and has to be used for a practical business application.

Hence Ambeone’s Faculty face a huge challenge as data science trainers and consultants to ensure that aspirants of data science do not use it for just the hype and glamour but apply it correctly at the practical business level in a statistical and systematic manner .

Recognitions and Awards Achieved by the Institute

For Ambeone, the students’ and industry professionals’ feedback is the main award and recognition. The faculty has trained several senior industry experts who found the programs very valuable for clarity of concepts as well as hands-on learning for its business applications. The students who were looking for a career boost have been placed in leading data science roles across the EMEA Region and have been able to apply data science at their work successfully and correctly predict future values of KPI’s they monitor because of the data science skills they learned.

Furthermore, the institute has also been awarded by MEA markets as the leading trainer in Data Analytics and Data Science for 2019 and 2020.

The Future of Analytics Education

“The key driver for the growth in analytics and data science education is the value that organizations and industries start to obtain by leveraging their data! ,” says Nita.

And today organizations are seeing the benefits of analytics and data science leading to a surge in jobs for data scientists and hence the growth in data science and analytics education.

In this decade, big data and its analysis and usage have gained a lot of importance due to the incredible advantages it offers. Technology related to big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence is growing at a fast pace. With artificial intelligence and big data taking over the market by the storm, most companies are deploying AI and data science techniques, hence it is becoming imperative for everyone to be up-to-date with these new technologies and ways of doing business to remain competitive and productive.

There is an urgent need for all to understand and develop big data analytics and machine learning and AI to remain relevant and competitive in the future world of automation. It is also important to be creative and innovative at every step to use the insights and information from analytics to develop more customer-centric products, services, and solutions. To keep up with the trends, Ambeone offers programs that improve both human and machine skills, i.e., management skills, team skills, and machine learning and AI skills.

In the long term, the institute is planning to introduce a postgraduate one-year program for students to get into the data science field which will cover data science, statistics, its applications in business as well as modules in creativity and innovation so that the new skills in data science are reflective for better uses of analytics and AI.

Furthermore, in view of international demand, Ambeone is also planning to offer its courses through Live instructor-led -well-structured interactive sessions online.

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