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World’s leading technology enabler Adobe is expanding its PDF leadership to build a new ecosystem of programmatic PDF generation APIs. The new PDF generation APIs would enable developers to programmatically build and develop creative document solutions using AI and automation capabilities. The APIs are part of Adobe’s growing suite of Adobe Document Services which runs on their cloud-based SDKs. Digital documents such as PDF, hold massive volume of untapped data that could bring highly relevant insights and intelligence to decision making teams. Adobe Document Service APIs will tap into these data to add more power to your existing document processing workflow.

Let’s understand how these work.

What are these PDF Generation APIs?

The newly introduced Adobe Document Services APIs include:

  • PDF Extract API
  • Document Generation API

In the world of RPA and Content Discovery, we need smarter APIs. PDF Extract API uses AI and Machine Learning to quickly extract data for use in AutoML models, analysis, indexing and storage. These could be then expanded for use in RPA, NLP and Text Search applications.

PDF Extract API is an additional layer of intelligent capability that works in sync with Adobe’s existing offering Liquid Mode. Liquid Mode, together with Adobe’s AI solution, Adobe Sensei, uses machine learning to understand the structure of PDF document. Adobe PDF Extract API builds on Liquid Mode to extract data from a PDF. These could be text, images, data, formula or any other specific character that could be useful for the analysts. DevOps and analysts can use any programming language or platform with the PDF Extract API, which means it stays true to its platform-agnostic nature.

Document Generation API takes the programmatic capability one step forward. It ties in with existing databases like ERP, HRIS or CRM, automating the whole paper to digital workflow into an inexpensive model. Developers can inject dynamic data into Microsoft Word templates or PDFs that can be further accentuated for e-signature using Adobe Sign.

Currently, The Document Generation API is also available with the Adobe PDF Services connector in Microsoft Power Automate. In addition, users can also access 15 new, ready-to-use templates for document workflows in Power Automate.

Why Companies Need Document Processing Technologies?

Document processing technologies have become the backbone of any modern technology-driven company. Departments within an organization rely on document processing software to generate, store and share content. In order to sustain the digital transformation journeys, in addition to growing demands of remote work productivity, most companies choose document processing and automated document generation tools for their Hybrid Office use. The ubiquity of PDF remains unchallenged even as these have maintained their presence in Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, HR, IT and Legal departments. By launching the APIs for its Adobe PDF Extract and Adobe Document Generation, Adobe is extending its leadership to unify its existing product offerings with its advanced capabilities in AI, Machine Learning, Automation and Analytics. These Cloud-based APIs would directly benefit the IT and DevOps teams who are often stretched beyond their capabilities to meet the exploding requirements of modern digital businesses.

In an official blog, Vibor Kapoor of Adobe wrote, “To date, we’ve seen tremendous adoption among developers with a more than 80 percent increase in developer sign ups, as well as a more than 50 percent increase in active integrations with Adobe Document Services since last quarter. Here’s a little more about the new APIs, as well as a spotlight on some of our new customer and partner momentum.”

Creating New PDF Experiences Key to Success in IT Modernization

Adobe Document Services provide IT organizations and developers unique opportunities to expand on their capabilities for RPA and NLP projects. These new APIs add massive source of data analysis and intelligence to improve the quality of development projects. What’s more?

These APIs are also available in the AWS Marketplace, offering developers a totally seamless experience in document processing ecosystem.

By adding AI and Machine learning of Adobe Sensei to its API sourcing, we expect to see more powerful innovations and integrations awaiting us in the near future in the document processing industry.

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