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We are what we eat. And drink. And how we sleep, detox, and exercise — or not.

Nothing new there. But in a world where new-to-market serums, creams, and spiritual berry tonics extracted by hand by Tibetan monks are in our (digital) face every day, we’re being presented with so many cool options on how to cleanse, moisturize, and treat wrinkles, lackluster skin, and hair that it’s next to impossible to keep up, let alone care for.

And while I won’t be ditching my tried-and-true products any time soon, these newer, technologically advanced plant-based offerings are, in truth, quite effective. Products flooded with adaptogens help the body respond and adapt to various kinds of stress and inflammation. And how we weave them into our lifestyle regimens can be fun too.

Rather than barrage you with a ton of products, I thought a conversation regarding upcoming trends that embrace these new, full-circle, inside-and-out additions to our anti-aging routines is in order. We may have to look a little harder for these over-the-counter retail items, but not for long. Keep in mind that several of these brands combine two or three categories as ingestibles and topicals, which include CBD, functional mushrooms, and waterless skin care — all of it nonpsychoactive, of course.

While recreational and medicinal marijuana are slowly becoming legal in more and more states, it’s tempting to get into the weeds with a cannabis/hemp/CBD tutorial. Let’s simplify: it all comes from the same hemp plant that’s loaded with restorative and preventative properties. CBD is legal (no “high”) and widely used for general to advanced wellness. Categories include singular isolates (113+ CBD extracts); broad spectrum (whole plant extract minus THC); and full spectrum (whole plant extract with less than 0.3 percent THC, the legal limit for all CBD products in the U.S.).

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