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1. OnlyFans will block some sexually explicit content starting in October. In a major shift from its NSFW roots, the company said it will implement new policies banning some pornographic content. Why OnlyFans is getting out of the porn game.

2. Amazon is planning to open department stores in California and Ohio. The WSJ reported that the stores would sell a mix of furniture, clothing, and electronics. Here’s why Amazon would invest in brick-and-mortar stores, an industry that’s been declining for years.

3. Hundreds of Amazon employees are criticizing its opaque performance review system. Nearly 300 workers took to an internal Slack channel to vent their frustrations about the system’s ambiguity and unfairness. See what employees are saying in the channel.

4. Tesla customers are suffering months-long delivery delays. Some customers have been waiting four months for their Model S and Model Y Teslas, and one customer’s car was supposed to come in March but still hasn’t arrived. Read up on shipping delays.

5. Mark Zuckerberg’s bet on the future of Facebook is VR meetings with your coworkers. The company just launched Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality workspace that lets employees mimic team meetings and socializing. See how it works (and how it fits into the “metaverse”).

6. A new report accuses Apple’s engraving service of censoring political phrases. Researchers at the University of Toronto said the service blocks thousands of keywords in China and blocks pro-democracy phrases in Hong Kong. See what’s censored (and where).

7. The Taliban’s following on Facebook has more than doubled. As social media companies struggle to enforce bans, the group is turning to their platforms as a form of governance – and amassing thousands of followers. More on that here.

8. Facebook made up a new popularity ranking. Instead of looking at what people are interacting with on Facebook (which is typically political posts), the report measures what users viewed the most (which is typically memes). Some people believe the new metric will obscure what users actually engage with.

9. Hedge fund Tiger Global is blowing up the rules of startup investing. With its speed, cash, and hands-off approach, Tiger Global has quickly become one of Europe’s biggest startup investors – and is disrupting the way venture capitalists do business. Here’s how it’s shaking things up.

10. Apple is scaling back a key health project that grew out of its care clinics. As the company draws back from the app, called HealthHabit, some of its 50 employees will be laid off with severance if they’re unable to find other roles within Apple in the next few weeks. More on the decision – which could cost workers their jobs.

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